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Investing in the Antivirals Fund

In 2013, a Fund for antivirals (FAV) was created in partnership with the Armand-Frappier Foundation and the Foundation for Antivirals. This fund creates new opportunities for research and supporting it. The first objective of the FAV is to orient innovative biomedical research towards the most pressing humanitarian needs. The fund is thus in line with Dr. Armand Frappier's continued legacy.


Not only is there a need, but it is urgent to support the development of antiviral therapies against neglected or emerging diseases:

  • Pandemias are an imminent threat to social and economic global security
  • Viral infections account for more than 1 in 5 deaths globally
  • Very little medicine exists to treat these infectious diseases


Viral infections, be they recent or endemic and neglected, continue to kill millions of human beings across the world, in spite of rapid and recent medical advancements. The pandemic cause by the A/H1N1 virus (swine flu) clearly shows the dangers associated to viral infections for public health and the world economy. Undeniably, viral infections can now affect all citizens, regardless of what region they live in. Recent history has proved that pandemia can spread across the entire world in just a few days with devastating consequences. 


It has become obvious: pandemias represent an imminent threat for public health and the world economy. The SARS outbreak of 2003 shook the entire planet, spreading to many regions in just a few weeks. The costs of such outbreaks are enormous, both from a human and economical perspective. Just the SARS outbreak has caused damages and expenses estimated at 300 billion U.S. dollars. For Toronto only, the total cost (expenses and economical losses) are up to 1 billion U.S. dollars*; a warning of great severity on the devastating effects that could be caused by a more severe outbreak.*

BMO Nesbitt-Burns: Avian Flu Crisis: Update on the Economy - Dr. Sherry Cooper (2006)

THE 10/90 GAP

In spite of these dramatic findings, few drugs are available to treat these infectious diseases, and unfortunately, there is even less available on time and on demand to the populations that need it most. 

From 1985 to 2004, only 1% of new drugs put on the market were specifically targeted at infectious diseases**. According to a study by the Global Forum for Health Research, only 10% of the 73 billion U.S. dollars invested in health research is geared towards research on diseases affecting 90% of the world population. In other words, 90% of research is concentrated on 10% of the diseases affecting humanity. This is commonly referred to the « 10/90 gap ».

**OECD: Biotechonoly and Sustainability: The Fight Against Infectious Disesase

Source : The Foundation for Antivirals



Jacques Chirac, former president of France

The Right Honorable Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada


Laurent Beaudoin, CC, FCA
President of the Board, Bombardier inc.

Jon S. Dellandrea, CM, BA, M.Ed., MA (Oxon), LLD.
Advisor, Perimeter Institute
Former Vice-Chancellor (Development and Externa Affairs); U. Oxford

Frank A. Dottori, P.Eng.

The Honorable Donald James Johnson, C.P., O.C., c.r.
Former Secretary of OECD

Guy Saint-Pierre, C.C., G.O.Q.
Former President of the Board, The Royal Bank of Canada
Former President of the Board, Former President and CEO - SNC-Lavalin


Pierre J. Jeanniot, O.C., C.Q.
President of the Board
Executive Director Emeritus, The International Air Transport Association, Canada

Jocelyn L. Beaudoin, C.M. 
President and CEO
President Emeritus, The Canadian Unity Council, Canada

Pierre McCann, FICB, MBA
Executive Director, Global Banking Solutions and Exterior Trade
The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

Alain Ménard, B.A., LL.L., MBA
Partner, Cain Lamarre Casgrain Wells LLP, Canada

Dr. Luis Barretto
Dr. Luis Barretto and Associates, Canada

Ali Ghandour
Former President and CEO of The Royal Jordanian Airlines
Former Advisor to the Late King Hussein of Lebanon

David Hill, C.M., Q.C.
Co-Chairman of the Board
Perley-Robertson, Hill, McDougall, Canada

Urban Joseph, O.C., FICB
Vice-President of the Board (retired)
The Toronto Dominion Bank, Canada

M. Jean-François Leprince
Partnering Manager
The CTI Life Sciences Fund, Canada

The Honorable Michael A. Meighen, C.R.
Senator, Canada

Patrick Michaud
Executive Director
Templar Associates Inc., Canada

Jaime Watt
President of the Board, Navigator Limited, Canada
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