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The donations distributed as scholarships are primarily used to support university research at the undergraduate, master's, doctoral and postdoctoral levels at the Centre INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier. The donations remitted as scholarships allow student researchers to attend conferences. 




The generosity of donors who create endowment funds or who contribute annual donations allows the Foundation to offer scholarships to researchers doing postdoctoral internships at the Centre INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier.

The Foundation annually offers the J. Louis-Lévesque, Armand-Frappier and Roland Chagnon scholarships, to which additional scholarships may be specifically created by donors. 

 The Armand-Frappier Foundation postdoctoral scholarships are offered in partnership with the professors of the Centre and are attributed by an independent committee composed of professors of the Centre and other university institutions. They are financed jointly by the Foundation, the professors and the Centre.


J. Louis-Lévesque Scholarship

In 1983, the Foundation Armand-Frappier created the Fonds J.-Louis Lévesque at the instigation of Dr. Armand Frappier (recipient of the Prix au mérite of the Foundation J.-Louis Lévesque), which came with the sum of $100,000. Assets were added from the Armand-Frappier Fund to create the J.-Louis Lévesque Scholarship for postdoctoral research. The Foundation J.-Louis Lévesque continues to endow this fund.  

Learn more about J. Louis Lévesque.

Armand-Frappier Scholarship

Since 2000, the same initiative in the name of the Fonds J.-Louis Lévesque, created by the Fondation Armand-Frappier, has also financed a postdoctoral scholarship known as the Armand-Frappier Scholarship.

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Roland Chagnon Scholarship

In 1994, the Fondation Armand-Frappier created the Fonds Roland-Chagnon, at the initiative of the children of Mr. Roland Chagnon, Jean, Nina and Louise, and the other stockholders of the Lallemand company. They wished to honour the memory of Mr. Chagnon through the creation of a fund for postdoctoral research.

Through the Roland-Chagnon postdoctoral scholarship, the heirs seek to pursue his quest for innovation and excellence.

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Doctoral and Master's Awards

The Foundation annually provides more than thirty awards of excellence to students enrolled in the master's and doctoral programs of INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier.

The awards created during the year carry the names of the firms or individuals who are their partners and sponsors.

The awards of the Armand-Frappier Foundation are offered in partnership with the professors and the INRS Centres and are attributed by an independent committee composed of INRS professors.

Undergraduate scholarships


The Fondation Armand-Frappier offers scholarships to students enrolled in bachelor programs who wish to take advantage of the summer period to learn about scientific research through an internship in a laboratory at the INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier.

The Fondation Armand-Frappier scholarships are offered in partnership with the professors and are attributed by an independent committee composed of INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier professors.

For more information on the winners of scholarships, visit the award winners section, and the Multimedia Gallery to see their photos.

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