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Contribution for the Advancement of Specialized Research

Donations given to the Fondation Armand-Frappier also help support or create specialized chairs in certain research subjects at INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier Centre.

  • Louis and André Charron research Chair in Alzheimer

In June 2012, the Foundation unveiled a substantial financial commitment from the Louise and André Charron family to contribute to the creation and of a Research Chair in Alzheimer's disease at INRS-Institute Armand-Frappier Research Centre.

''In light of the alarming number of families affected by Alzheimer’s disease, there is an urgent need to get to the root of this scourge. In our view, fundamental research holds the most promise for eradicating the disease,” said André B. Charron, spokesman of the donor family and member of the board of directors in the Foundation 


From left to right: Mr. Michael Pecho, Executive Director, Armand-Frappier Foundation, Clément Joly, Chairman of the board of directors, Armand-Frappier Foundation, Louise Charron, André B. Charron and Fannie Charron; Daniel Coderre, General Director of INRS University, Charles Dozois, Director, INRS-Institute Armand-Frappier Research Centre. 


Professor Charles Ramassamy, holder of the Louise and André Charron Research Chair in the Alzheimer disease. He focuses his research program on the prevention, early detection and improved treatment of this disease whose prevalence is increasing rapidly in North America and around the world.


  • Chair Jeanne and J.-Louis Lévesque in immunovirology

In 2003, the Foundation received a donation from the J. Louis Lévesque foundation allowing the creation of the J-Louis Lévesque Chair in inmunovirology. The research program of the Jeanne and J.-Louis Lévesque Chair is intended to improve understanding of the defense mechanisms of the immune system against viral infections.

  1. Define the defence mechanisms of the immune system by using a unique in vivo model of viral infections;
  2. Apply the results of the research on the in vivo models to the study of human viral diseases of clinical importance (AIDS and Hepatitis C viruses);
  3. Design new strategies for vaccination and improve existing vaccines;
  4. Develop new strategies against chronic viral infections.


 © Institut national de la recherche scientifique / All Rights Reserved /Photos © Christian Fleury

    The Chair holder, Dr. Alain Lamarre, has solid expertise in research on viral diseases as well as a national and international network of collaborators, experts in the field of research on antiviral immunity. The team is therefore in an excellent position to make a major contribution to improving our knowledge of immune responses to viruses, which could eventually translate into the development of better vaccines and therapies against these major pathogens.

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